Medications and Mother's Milk

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Medications and Mothers' Milk is now considered the best source of medication information for breastfeeding patients in the world.   This new updated version continues to expand, adding numerous new drugs and making changes in existing drugs.   Most of the world's latest data on medications affecting breastfeeding mothers and babies are in this new edition, providing you with the most up-to-date information on the use of medications in breastfeeding mothers.  Packed with more than 900 drugs, diseases, vaccines, and other material, this easy-to-use reference provides the clinician or mother with easily understood recommendations about the use of medications while breastfeeding.

In this edition:  

·      Hundreds of changes in existing monographs.

·      Over a hundred new drugs or conditions

·      New changes to contraceptive drug tables.

·      New oncology drugs added.  

If you work with pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers, this definitive reference will help you answer those detailed questions about which medications are safe or unsafe for breastfeeding mothers and babies.

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