About Us

My name is Misty Bowden.  I am a mommy of 3 beautiful children.  Iliana is 7, Keagan is 3 and Caiden is 8 months.  I am a naturally minded momma and had my children with Motherly Way here in Midland.  I had planned on breastfeeding my children from the day I found out I was pregnant.  However, plans changed once Keagan was born.  For 3 weeks, Keagan was exclusively breastfed, and for 3 weeks, he continued to lose weight.  I tried very hard to get my milk supply up, but never was able to make more than an ounce per feeding with him.

When I was pregnant with Caiden, I did a lot of research and found it very hard to come by information on breastfeeding until I found the world of facebook groups.  I found one group, which led to another, which led to many books on breastfeeding.  I read many books while pregnant and became even more passionate about breastfeeding. 

I got prepared to breastfeed Caiden by purchasing many different things on-line, including books, supplements, syringes, and an SNS.  I was frustrated by the fact that many things could only be found on the manufacturers website, and not all in one place (like amazon).  I had to pay multiple shipping charges and that was very frustrating to me because I hate wasting money!

I had my little Caiden at home on February 2, 2014.  It was an amazing birth and we have had an amazing breastfeeding journey.  He has been an excellent nurser since day 1, and we have had a totally different nursing relationship than I did with Keagan.  I think our main saving grace was having Caiden's tongue tie clipped just an hour after he was born.  I was completely prepared for low supply, with all of the paraphernalia that I would need to be able to feed Caiden, even if I didn't have enough milk for him.  Thankfully, I didn't need any of it.  But, I wasted so much money on stuff that I didn't need, because no one carried these products locally.  I didn't want to have to wait for them to come in the mail after Caiden's birth because every day makes a huge difference when you are breastfeeding.  So, after Caiden's birth, I decided that I wanted to open a local store for breastfeeding mommies.  I wanted to be able to offer all of the products a nursing mother might need and have it be available for them locally at the moment they need it.

Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of money to build inventory for a store.  So, I decided to start an on-line store and offer free local delivery.  I believe that by starting on-line I can gradually build up my inventory to include any and all nursing products and also build up revenue to support a brick and mortar store in this crazy town we call Midland!

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