My Weighloss Journey April 12 2015 2 Comments

I was always one of those people that would work out but never see results.  I was envious of those women who would post before and after photos and looked amazing in the after photos.  Sure, I would lose a little weight with working out, but not much.  Not enough to go posting 1/2 naked photos on my Facebook page!

I lost about 20 lbs before I got pregnant with my youngest.  I was going to classes like Body Pump and Yoga and then towards the end of my pregnancy, mainly just walking on the treadmill.  My husband was lifting weights and I saw incredible results with him.  Although I was hesitant to work out because I didn't want to jeopardize my supply, after Caiden was born I had an uncontrollable urge to get in the gym and see what I could accomplish! So, I started working out at 4 weeks postpartum. 

I want to share my results with you not to brag, but to show that nursing moms can work out, can lose weight, and can have great results without using all the fad diet and weight loss products everyone tries to promote these days.  I did all of this while eating real food and taking protein supplements after workouts.  That's it!

What did I do?


I highly recommend the Body Space App.  You can use this app to create a profile, store all your measurements, and choose workout programs.  I swear this app is like having a personal trainer in your phone! It helps immensely to have a plan when you go to the gym.  It also helps to track your workouts so that you know what you did last time, and can improve upon it the next time.  The first program I did was the Jamie Eason Live Fit program.  I really liked it because it started off fairly easy and gradually added things on.  Jamie Eason has also come out with a postpartum workout program recently that may be a great one to start off with.  I wrote a post about it here.  I also really liked the Shortcut to Shred program, and I am currently doing the Squat Every Day program.

I would usually go to the gym every morning after I dropped my daughter off at school.  I would feed the baby before we left for school, and that would usually give me an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to work out before I would need to go home and feed the baby.  

But, there were many times in the beginning that I would have to stop in the middle of a workout to feed the baby. I tried to work out at least 4 times a week, but sometimes kids were sick and I would only work out 3 days that week. Sometimes, I was really good and made it 6 days a week, but it was probably an average of 4-5 days a week.


You can read some of my other posts on supplementation for more information on what to use or how to use it, but here I will tell you what I did. For my pre-workout, I would drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Although, I will admit that lately that 1 cup has been more like 3! My post-workout is a protein shake. I usually use the Paleo Protein. And, that is it for supplementation. See this post for more information on why that is all I used while nursing: Workout, Weight-loss and Diet Supplements While Breastfeeding. I did take the Nighttime Recovery by Advocare for about a month in January, but couldn’t really tell if it was doing anything since you take it at night. So, I didn’t get any more of it when I ran out.  



I have Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis, and I know that I should be eating gluten-free and should really try to follow an auto-immune diet. I just don’t have enough motivation to stick with it! So, I would say my diet was maybe 70-80% Paleo on a good week. I would generally try to have a vegetable soup (pureed so I could sip it from a coffee cup) and bacon for breakfast. I would have real food for lunch and dinner, usually a protein and lots of veggies on the side. I would have my protein shake after workouts and as a mid-morning snack and then I would usually have a Kind bar, nuts, or fruit as an afternoon snack. I would sometimes also need another snack before dinner. I ate to be full, I did not starve myself because I knew my body needed extra calories for nursing and exercising. I did cheat, a lot more than I should have. I have a really bad sweet tooth and I love desert. If I could have stayed away from sweets, I know I could have lost a lot more weight. But, I am happy with the results I had and the occasional cheating I did. (Although my cheating has been just awful since my latest challenge ended!) I need to get back on my diet plan asap!


 I would highly encourage you to take measurements and before and after pictures.  They really help you see the progress that you have made much more than the scale does!





 So, what is your workout routine? What keeps you motivated? What have your results been? I would love to hear your stories also!