Zaycon Foods February 22 2015

I am always looking for a way to save money, especially on groceries!  So, when I learned that Zaycon Foods now has delivery locations in Midland & Odessa, I was super excited!  I have signed up and purchased a box of Chicken for the up-coming delivery.  The chicken is $1.99 per pound for a 40 lb Box and will be delivered on March 6th.  I usually shop at HEB, and I spend anywhere from $3.49-$5.50 per pound depending on what cuts they have available. So this is almost a 50% savings from what I usually spend!  Other up-coming deliveries include roast, patio steaks, pulled pork, ground beef and ham.  

It's super easy to sign up and order your box.  Just visit this link, click on locations and events, and search for your zip code.  Then, to place an order, you will create your own account. 

Hope you save lots of money on your groceries using Zaycon!



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