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I wish I could credit the original creator of this recipe, but I have no idea where I found it now. This is the most amazing lotion you will ever feel! I love it so much!


6 oz Jojoba Oil

5 tsp Chamomile Flowers

5 tsp Lavender Buds

3 oz Coconut Oil

1.5 oz grated Beeswax

8 oz Distilled Water

Essential Oil



Double Boiler

Strainer or cheesecloth

Immersion Blender

Large container or bowl


    1. In a double boiler place 5 tsp Chamomile Flowers , 5 tsp Lavender Buds , and 6 oz jojoba oil. Bring water in pan (under Double Boiler -I used this one from Amazon) to a boil then simmer on low for about 2 hours.

        2. Strain oil through your strainer or cheesecloth to remove the herbs.

          3. Place the oil back in the Double Boiler and add 3 oz Coconut Oil and 1.5 oz grated Beeswax.




            4. Stir frequently until they are well blended.




              5. Let cool to body temperature.

                6. Heat 8 oz distilled water to body temperature.

                  7. Pour water into a large container or bowl.

                    8. Turn your immersion blender on low and very slowly, pour a thin stream of the oil into the water while running the blender. After a while, it will start to look creamy. If you are adding essential oils, you can add them now while the blender is running. I added about 10 drops of Lavender to my first batch, and 10 drops of Patchouli to my second batch.  

                      9. Keep blender running until all oil is in the water and your mixture is nice and creamy.

                        10. Pour into a 16 oz container and store in your refrigerator.    

                          Let me know if you try the lotion and what you think about it!

                          I always think bloggers are lying when they say something didn’t cost them very much to make at home because buying all the ingredients can get very expensive. So, I did my own cost analysis with this recipe and figured out it came out to $11.22 to make 16 oz of lotion, which lasted me well over 2 months with my first batch. I think that’s a pretty good price! The biggest cost is the Jojoba Oil at $23 for 16 oz, but I have decided that it is well worth it. Jojoba Oil is now my most favorite moisturizer; I use it in my lotion, shampoo, and in my oil cleansing face recipe.

                          When you use it cold, it’s a little squishy. When you use it at room temperature, the water tends to separate a bit. I’m not sure how to get around this. If anyone knows, please let me know!

                          This lotion is to-die for! It will be wonderful with this dry, cold weather we are having! I store my main container in the refrigerator and use a small jar in my bathroom, re-filling the one in the bathroom every few days when it runs out. This keeps the entire batch from becoming moldy.

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